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Remote Assistance


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Remote Assistance


From the comfort of your home or office and only with your permission,  we can access your computer and work on it over the Internet, just as if we were there with you.

We use full encryption software to remotely connect into your computer and your session passwords change each time it is run to ensure you have complete control.

Here is all you have to do:

  • Contact Us to set up an online appointment time, we will advise the most likely charge option you should use.

  • Minimum Charge 15 for up to 20 mins . Support will be available once confirmation of payment is received

  • Download and install the small software programme. When you are ready just click Download Remote Software and choose Run the file when prompted and it will ask once more. Once that is done a small dialog box will appear with a Partner ID , read that to us and then the Password.

Note: Under no circumstances can PC-KING gain access to your computer without your knowledge and approval. You must ensure that all data is backed up as PC-KING accepts no responsibility for any loss of data or problems which result from your use of this service.

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