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A selection of the questions most frequently asked by our customers, together with the appropriate replies. If your specific question is not included, please contact us .
Why don't you offer "NO-FIX-NO-FEE" ?

This sales slogan certainly appears attractive, however, you will find that it comes with conditions. Almost all PC problems can be fixed but at what cost! We'll let you decide!

No-Fix-No-Fee conditions:

"If the engineer diagnoses the fault and the customer declines to have the work done, perhaps because it is not economical or wants to carry out self repair, then we would charge for an inspection/diagnostic visit. The No-Fix-No-Fee does not apply to certain jobs i.e. if the customer asks for an  inspection diagnostic visit  for an insurance claim or perhaps  for virus related work"

Why do you charge travel costs?

Our pricing reflects the running costs for fuel, insurance and wear & tear to the vehicle. In essence, 5 for each 5 miles.

What are your charges?

We check our prices to those charged  by  local and national PC support companies to ensure we remain extremely competitive. Please see pricing for more details.


Is there a call-out fee to pay?

No, however, our minimum charging period is one hour. If the work is completed in less time than this, why not ask the engineer to stay for the remaining time to carry out a general PC health check or a virus scan.

Following the initial hour, any subsequent time is charged in blocks of 30 minutes.

Is your work guaranteed?


Fixes guaranteed for one month providing there have not been any changes, updates or downloads made to the equipment since our fix that possibly could have caused the problem to recur.


All components are supplied new and are covered by a full parts only warranty (labour excluded) for a minimum period of six months from the date of installation.

Please note - We do not supply parts for customers to fit.

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